Brawl Stars World Finals 2019 - Quarter Finals

15 nov 2019
2 335 565 Skatījumi

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Fast-paced multiplayer battles from the makers of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach.
Battle with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes. Unlock and upgrade dozens of powerful Brawlers with punishing super abilities. Collect unique skins to stand out and show off in the arena. Join or start a band to share tactics and fight together.
- Gem Grab (3v3): Team up and out-strategize the opposing team. Collect and hold 10 gems to win, but get fragged and lose your gems.
- Showdown (Solo/Duo): A battle royale style fight for survival. Collect power ups for your Brawler. Grab a friend or play solo - be the last Brawler standing in the rowdiest battle royale yet. Winner takes all!
- Bounty (3v3): Take out opponents to earn stars, but don’t let them pick you off. The squad with the most stars wins the match!
- Heist (3v3): Protect your team’s safe and try to crack open your opponents’. Navigate the map to sneak, blast and blow your way clear to the enemies treasure.
- Brawl Ball (3v3): It's a whole new Brawl game! Show off your soccer/football skills and score two goals before the other team. There are no red cards here.
- Special Events: Defend your safe against an unrelenting swarm of robots in Robo Rumble (PvE), or take on the big boss in Boss Fight.

Are you having problems? Visit or contact us in game by going to Settings to Help and Support.

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  • go nova

    Corey DetweilerCorey DetweilerPirms 16 dienām
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  • Счя

    Балилок TvБалилок TvPirms Mēneša
  • 4:14:14 “Big Elmo Drop”

    Gaming Nation YTGaming Nation YTPirms Mēneša
  • 👍👍

    Serdar SevinçhanSerdar SevinçhanPirms Mēneša
  • championship was soo cool the world finals i know its going to be 2021 i hope that word finals 2021 will be much better then last time, about the championship brawl stars was all most the popular game ever that i have seen in my life. supercell im impress with your work at this game and updates that you do. soo that's all for now hope you do new update in charismas this year in December. hope you will do another championship have a good day.

    Ainis ZarinsAinis ZarinsPirms Mēneša
    • and about the finals is championship will be in 2021 ?

      Ainis ZarinsAinis ZarinsPirms Mēneša
  • CryingMan :D

    DOG X - Don't FriendlyDOG X - Don't FriendlyPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Yde noob

    Yash Mishra 7CYash Mishra 7CPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Love the Japanese team, they all look super energetic and fun.

    meisterじえろmeisterじえろPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • OMG

    Deniz ÖztürkDeniz ÖztürkPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Wow ! It's a veeery big video xd

    -SunFlower Gacha ;-SunFlower Gacha ;Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • kairos at 5:27:16

    Heatwaver BSHeatwaver BSPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • Ydeeeeee

  • 👍

    SPECTARESPECTAREPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 40:08 que deselegante Brasil com Z

    samu 333samu 333Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • Like the music

    Дмитрий КарандашевДмитрий КарандашевPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • Psg

    Nora IsmaelNora IsmaelPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • Hehe CryingMan

    Regulus BSRegulus BSPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • Sunbentley, where are you bro :( SunBentley》Skyrikzzzz

    Abdullah 07Abdullah 07Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • This video is shit, this game is shit, this channel is shit, everything crossed with this stupid game is S - H - I - T.

    Train 55555Train 55555Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
    • Lmao someone got salty

      sniping cowsniping cowPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • Bast tribe 😎

    craing mancraing manPirms 5 Mēnešiem
  • I hope oj played

    Shourya SawhneyShourya SawhneyPirms 5 Mēnešiem
  • 2:13:11

    Gabriel BranaGabriel BranaPirms 5 Mēnešiem
  • Türküz

    LGSCİLGSCİPirms 5 Mēnešiem
  • Это так круто!!!!!!!!!!!

    ЕгорЕгорPirms 5 Mēnešiem
  • 28:55

    MinerMinerPirms 5 Mēnešiem
  • U can do it Yde

    Uvaldina RamosUvaldina RamosPirms 5 Mēnešiem
  • 1:15:40 Kairos called Rico dynamike....

    Hector RamirezHector RamirezPirms 5 Mēnešiem
  • brasil escolheu as comps erradas

    *PloVin**PloVin*Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
  • Cryingman’s name tag there is has a 3 bears logo

    Aarez KarimAarez KarimPirms 6 Mēnešiem
  • ok

    LOK ZHI JIAN MoeLOK ZHI JIAN MoePirms 6 Mēnešiem
  • 2:24:56 wow

    ProjectProjectPirms 6 Mēnešiem
  • crying man beeeeeeest in the world none better than him

    Govind SreeGovind SreePirms 6 Mēnešiem
  • 47:00

    Mr. KMr. KPirms 6 Mēnešiem
    • The music is just so awesome that i put the timing as a public comment.

      Mr. KMr. KPirms 5 Mēnešiem
    • 2:11:24

      Mr. KMr. KPirms 5 Mēnešiem
  • Siemaaaa

    hejter 123hejter 123Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
  • Cryingman is a kid!

    Krithin RagavKrithin RagavPirms 6 Mēnešiem
  • lex told da capo el capo

    Career ConnectCareer ConnectPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • whatsdouble darryl trouble makes no sense

    Career ConnectCareer ConnectPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • half of the boxes are broken and woody:nothing everhappened here

    Career ConnectCareer ConnectPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • 3:07:22 lmao

    GOW GAME OVER GamingGOW GAME OVER GamingPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • Çok iyi olur

    Bulent AkbabaBulent AkbabaPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • Abi yıldız nani yapsana

    Bulent AkbabaBulent AkbabaPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • 3:41:33 Minecraft Madness indeed

    Anthony GasowskiAnthony GasowskiPirms 7 Mēnešiem

    Santi YTSanti YTPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • Chinese randoms. most players are noobs. Corrupted asian server.

    John JumalonJohn JumalonPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • The name of two teams are SSG

    O YZO YZPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • 45:18 Remember social distance

    Blaze_GamerBlaze_GamerPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • As

    Hasan YılmazHasan YılmazPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • Hallo

    Paola PaolaPaola PaolaPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • 1:17:07

    pratyush mitrapratyush mitraPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • 43:46

    DoomVilesDoomVilesPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • The "wow's" from Kairos sound the same with the meme. 2:24:54 is one

    ARP AnimationsARP AnimationsPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • 3:50:53 "Ponkotsu rolls in and smashes piper!" ... Very poor choice of words.

    Charlie AnselbachCharlie AnselbachPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • 4:11:06

    منواعات اليوتيوبمنواعات اليوتيوبPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Adanalıyım

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  • PSG ESPORTS is the best

    Lal TürkseverLal TürkseverPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Чемпионат МИРА®®®

    KeNzO N2KeNzO N2Pirms 8 Mēnešiem

    Bruna Oliveira Fernandes de AraujoBruna Oliveira Fernandes de AraujoPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Лол

    Ziyoda ZukurovaZiyoda ZukurovaPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • just realized how skinny tom is xD

    NubZGamingNubZGamingPirms 8 Mēnešiem
    • Same

      CheeseCheesePirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • Tribe

    TriumphTrio-Brawl StarsTriumphTrio-Brawl StarsPirms 9 Mēnešiem
  • Why does Cryingman only have 9k?

    albert yualbert yuPirms 9 Mēnešiem
  • naiz its veri gud geme

    dato xachapuridzedato xachapuridzePirms 9 Mēnešiem
  • Yo deciaria entrar en esa competencia

    Jancarlos RamosJancarlos RamosPirms 9 Mēnešiem
  • 2:53:35 what kind of phone is thatttt?

    Josh JohnstonJosh JohnstonPirms 9 Mēnešiem
  • Imagine how complex the game would become if the picks were like in Dota where they'll have to pick alternatively and cant pick the same brawler your opponent picks. That'd be something specially in the pro scene. :)

    Daniel BravoDaniel BravoPirms 9 Mēnešiem
  • bobby, og, and achille shoul've been the 3

    albert yualbert yuPirms 9 Mēnešiem
  • Love tribe

    KJ WooKJ WooPirms 9 Mēnešiem
  • 5:10:32

    TickBradel- Gaming YTTickBradel- Gaming YTPirms 9 Mēnešiem
  • You brawler shelly psg hours 13:21 ok am😇

    Isaacneidjsueiwh SantosIsaacneidjsueiwh SantosPirms 9 Mēnešiem
  • Eu quero ganhar a shelly psg o meu nome é : nita eu tenho vinte três brawler

    Isaacneidjsueiwh SantosIsaacneidjsueiwh SantosPirms 9 Mēnešiem
  • 미스터P었는법알려주세요

    방탄,오마이걸이좋은승혜아미,미라클방탄,오마이걸이좋은승혜아미,미라클Pirms 10 Mēnešiem
  • cryngman 9711 trophies

    Leonard DemajLeonard DemajPirms 10 Mēnešiem
    • lol ya

      albert yualbert yuPirms 9 Mēnešiem
  • Your health bar matters most

    Michael RollbergMichael RollbergPirms 10 Mēnešiem
  • I 7500 point 1. Türkey

    karpuz abikarpuz abiPirms 10 Mēnešiem
  • leon

    Venator channelVenator channelPirms 10 Mēnešiem
  • Eeeehhh Brasilzao veio...durooo na queda 🤦‍♂️

    Power GuidoPower GuidoPirms 10 Mēnešiem
  • New brawler

    Buket ÖzkulBuket ÖzkulPirms 10 Mēnešiem
  • Brawl Stats thank you for the invitation in brawl stars championships !

    Lil WepLil WepPirms 10 Mēnešiem
  • Why toothless piper?

    Rui ShimadaRui ShimadaPirms 10 Mēnešiem
  • Regarder les mouv nuls

    ઠČøñīĆåŁઠઠČøñīĆåŁઠPirms 10 Mēnešiem
  • Quand je regarde skyriikzz jme dit quesqu il fait dans la team psg

    ઠČøñīĆåŁઠઠČøñīĆåŁઠPirms 10 Mēnešiem
  • cryingman is best of the best

    Данил АбашевДанил АбашевPirms 10 Mēnešiem
    • 100% true

      Falco BSFalco BSPirms 10 Mēnešiem

    Marcus ThamMarcus ThamPirms 10 Mēnešiem
  • Give me crow

    I am sohanI am sohanPirms 11 Mēnešiem
  • круто

    Александр ГанзенкоАлександр ГанзенкоPirms 11 Mēnešiem
  • 3:19:00 Lex Probably has a dumb talk disease because what he said was just not understandible

    Erga GebremedhinErga GebremedhinPirms 11 Mēnešiem
  • 3bs is geh

    Arjun KaulArjun KaulPirms 11 Mēnešiem
  • ТвистиТвик

    RafaelRafaelPirms 11 Mēnešiem
  • 28:55 for those who don't want to wait

    you are ugly but Iyou are ugly but IPirms 11 Mēnešiem
  • почему недайоте бравлеров уже 6000 купков

    Керим АкаевКерим АкаевPirms 11 Mēnešiem
  • Yde sov

    Hafize AkdenizHafize AkdenizPirms 11 Mēnešiem
  • Ahmesh

    LeyiniFragrenLeyiniFragrenPirms Gada
  • Timestamp SSG vs 3 Bears Gem Grab 52:40 57:45 Brawl Ball 1:03:40 1:08:20 1:12:22 Heist 1:17:32 1:21:00 Bounty 1:24:56 1:29:49 1:34:43 SSG Brazil vs Tribe Gaming Gem Grab 2:18:31 2:23:32 Brawl Ball 2:30:08 2:34:46 Heist 2:39:06 2:42:07 Bounty 2:46:00 2:49:40 2:53:44 Siege 2:59:12 3:03:58

    Misaki SachikoMisaki SachikoPirms Gada
    • Thanks :) :)

      CheeseCheesePirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • Кто русский лайк

    Никита КуриловНикита КуриловPirms Gada
  • Yde you ar noob

    Sufjan AsaniSufjan AsaniPirms Gada
    • What puts u in a position to say that?

      sniping cowsniping cowPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 5:28:55

    Pa MyPa MyPirms Gada
    • The music please..

      Mr. KMr. KPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Yde, know this, you the best player, I consider so

    DiamantéDiamantéPirms Gada
  • Vai Brasil

    RD ꭰ ꭺ ꭱ ꮶRD ꭰ ꭺ ꭱ ꮶPirms Gada